The Zennström Professorship

A World Leading Node in Climate Change Leadership

With a 10-year series of visiting professorships (2015-2025), Zennström Philanthropies and Uppsala University are developing an environment that directly addresses some of the most challenging questions that climate change poses to humanity. The  Zennström visiting professors will, in distinct but mutually reinforcing ways, inspire new research and education and catalyze the much needed action toward a more sustainable future. The CCL environment  aims to develop novel solutions and enable transformative change in the nexus of science, policy, and innovation. Evidence and lessons generated by knowledge co-production between academia and society at large, are drawn on to both enact change and develop innovative approaches for effective and just climate change leadership.


Keri Facer – Zennström Visiting Professor 2019-2020

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Keri Facer is Professor of Educational and Social Futures at the University of Bristol, School of Education. She works on rethinking the relationship between formal educational institutions and wider society and is particularly concerned with the sorts of knowledge that may be needed to address contemporary environmental, economic, social, and technological changes. Since 2013, Keri has been Leadership Fellow for the RCUK Connected Communities Programme. This research programme is creating new relationships between communities and universities, drawing on arts and humanities perspectives and methods to enable new forms of knowledge production to address urgent contemporary issues. Keri’s aim is to work across the whole of Uppsala University to explore how universities can build partnerships with local, national, and international communities, how we can develop powerful knowledge, and how we can educate students to enable the massive transitions we need to live well with climate change.


Kevin Anderson – Zennström Visiting Professor 2016-2018

Kevin Anderson is one of the leading climate scientists in the U.K. He is Professor of Energy and Climate Change at the University of Manchester and Deputy Director at the renowned Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research. Kevin is a well-known and established researcher within climate change science who engages frequently with policy-makers, the private sector, civil society as well as the media. He has pioneered research on carbon budgets and pathways to acceptable mitigation levels. His work on the technical, social and economic interactions involved in the transformation of energy systems and the mitigation and adaptation to climate change, address questions at the core of the professorship’s theme. Kevin is a prominent thinker, writer and communicator who currently building on and expanding the work of the first visiting professor in climate change leadership, Doreen Stabinsky.


Doreen Stabinsky – Zennström Visiting Professor 2015-2016

DS_theo-300x261Doreen Stabinsky is Professor of Global Environmental Politics at the College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine. Her research, teaching, and writing concern the impacts of climate change, particularly on agriculture and global food security. She also serves as advisor to various governments and international environmental organisations, and has a large international network of collaborators. Doreen stresses the central role that education must play in addressing the growing challenges of climate change and is known for her ability to strengthen young people’s capacity to contribute to a better world. The fact that the focus of the professorship itself was inspired by, and emerged from a student-led course on Climate Change Leadership at CEMUS, made Doreen a very fitting first holder of the Zennström Visiting Professorship.


Zennström Philanthropies

The professorship is made possible by an earlier donation to Uppsala University by the entrepreneur Niklas Zennström. Mr. Zennström, an alumni of Uppsala University and the co-founder of Skype, Kazaa, Joos and other companies, is currently running his own investment firm, Atomico, which invests in innovative technology companies. With a strong commitment to societal issues, through his organisation Zennström Philanthropies, he is contributing to various causes, including climate change research and other initiatives in the area of climate change.


Advisory Group

The Advisory Group for the Zennström Visiting Professorship in Climate Change Leadership oversees the long term development of the initiative with the main task of reviewing Expressions of Interest to the professorship. The Advisory group for 2016 had the following members:

Marika Edoff, Professor of Solid State Electronics, ssk Solar Cells, Uppsala University (Chair)
Annelie Ekblom, Senior Lecturer, Global Environmental History, Uppsala University
Niclas Hällström, Director, What Next Forum
Leif Kirsebom, Professor of Cell and Molecular Biology, Uppsala University
Bo Kjellén, Stockholm Environmental Institute
Margareta Krabbe, Senior Lecturer and Head, Biology Education Centre, Uppsala University
David Kronlid, Senior Lecturer, Department of Education and Swedesd, Uppsala University
Friederike May, Course Coordinator in Climate Change Leadership, CEMUS
Andrea Nightingale, Professor at the Department of Urban and Rural Development, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Florian Roth, Student Representative, Uppsala University
Anna Rutgersson, Professor of Meteorology, Uppsala University
Kevin Anderson, Zennström Visiting Professor 2016-2018, Uppsala University
Isak Stoddard, Coordinator for the Climate Change Leadership Professorship
Chris Juhlin, Head of Department of Earth Sciences, Uppsala University (ex. officio)
Thomas Fredengren, Representative of Fundraising Function at Uppsala University (ex. officio)

For information on the rest of the Climate Change Leadership team: Meet The Team

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