The Climate Change Leadership Node is an initiative within the research program Natural Resources and Sustainable Development (NRHU) based at the Department of Earth Sciences, Uppsala University.

Climate Change Leadership is a dynamic field, crossing disciplinary and societal boundaries, with the aim to catalyse innovative and bold approaches to meet the complex challenges of climate change. This dynamism and energy is derived from the increasing demand for knowledge and practices to meet challenges across all sectors of society, from the local to international level. Climate change leadership is characterised by knowledge co-production between academia and society at large, to ensure effective and just institutional and socio-technological transformations.

The overall goal of the CCL Node is to actively shape an inter- and transdisciplinary intellectual environment that combines education, research and outreach in innovative ways and applies knowledge into equitable climate action. The CCL environment aims to explore opportunities, new forms of vibrant, trans- disciplinary and exploratory meetings as well as forums with world-leading climate scientists, key climate negotiators, business and civil society leaders, policy-makers, social entrepreneurs and, not least, students and young leaders.

Our current projects largely fall within three areas built upon the research themes of the Chairs of the Zennström professorship. These include:

  • The role of the university in addressing climate change
  • A Swedish Carbon Budget framework for emissions reductions
  • Student engagement with international climate negotiations and justice

We work closely with CEMUS, SWEDESD, Energy Transitions Gotland and other projects around Uppsala University.

Sanna Barrineau: susanna.barrineau@cemus.uu.se 

Climate Change Leadership project leader

Laila Mendy: laila.mendy@cemus.uu.se

Climate Change Leadership project leader


Anneli Ekblom: anneli.ekblom@arkeologi.uu.se

Lead researcher

Martin Wetterstedt: martin.wetterstedt@ccl.uu.se

Project leader and researcher

Aaron Tuckey: aaron.tuckey@ccl.uu.se

Research assistant

Isak Stoddard

Project Leader, on leave of absence 

Keri Facer
Third Zennström Visiting Professor in Climate Change Leadership

Kevin Anderson
Second Zennström Visiting Professor in Climate Change Leadership

Doreen Stabinsky
First Zennström Visiting Professor in Climate Change Leadership

The Swedish Carbon Cycle
Aaron Tuckey
Project leader and intern

For more information on whom else we work with: Our Collaborations