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Today’s challenges require new forms of research and collaborations with fundamental theoretical and methodological challenges and opportunities.


The Cemus Research Forum

What does CEFO do?

We are a research forum for PhD students, by PhD students, focused on facilitating interdisciplinary discussions around sustainability and environmental change. Our members are from diverse departments and disciplines bringing multiple perspectives to the discussions. We encourage conversations framed by the problem not by the discipline. Our main activities include running a bi-monthly seminar series featuring talks and workshops from CEFO members and invited speakers. We initiate and run student-led PhD courses and offer opportunities for getting feedback for your research from a wider audience.

We welcome new members from all departments who hope to broaden their horizons. Seminars, workshops and events are open to any interested PhD students, researchers, masters students and interested public.

What is CEMUS?

The Center for Environment and Development studies, an Interdisciplinary center for education, outreach and research at Uppsala University and SLU.

What does it mean to be an affiliated PhD student?

Please see the Affiliation Form:

Affiliation Agreement to Cemus Research Forum

The Values and Visions of CEFO from the Gotland Retreat

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Activities Spring 2019

Welcome to the Spring bi-monthly Tuesday seminar series. Presentations start at 10.15 in the Baltic Library (Geocentrum, Villavägen 16). We end at 12.00 and go on to eat lunch together.

12 Feb: Björn Eriksson (MSc Sustainable Development)

26 Feb: Applications Workshop

12 March: Lakin Anderson (Dept. of Business Studies)

26 March: Matilda Andersson and Fabian Engel (Dept. of Ecology and Genetics)

2 April:

14 May: Lovisa Eiríksdóttir (Dept. of Business Studies)

28 May: Sachiko Ishihara (Dept. of Social and Economic Geography)

4 June: Wrap up and reflections

Other Activities:

Together with students and colleagues in CEMUS, Gothenburg University and beyond, we are working on an exciting project for the spring: An Undergraduate Sustainability Journal Call for Papers. For more information contact

We seek papers that provide case studies and develop theoretical insights into the fields of environmental studies, climate change, critical studies, for example in the suggested areas of:  

  • Gender
  • Marginalisation
  • Food supply
  • Increased climate hazards
  • Resistance and organising
  • Changing landscapes and economies
  • Biodiversity and resilience
    We also welcome other creative proposals.

Activities Autumn 2018

11 Sep Planning meeting launch start of “New CEFO”
25 Sep Pauline Herrero (CEMUS student), Design features for social learning in transformative transdisciplinary research (work in progress)
9 Oct Antonio Ballesteros (visiting PhD student from Edinburgh University, Department of Peace and Conflict, UU), “Valuating Nature to Secure our Future: An STS Approach to the Construction of Environmental Knowledge. [Work in progress]”
23 Oct Harry Fischer, Department of Urban and Rural Development, SLU- “Local democracy, rural development, and natural resource management in India.”
20 Nov Ola Persson, Department of Urban Planning and Environment, KTH. “Sufficiency in practice – The role of civil society, business and policy” (thesis outline proposal)
4 Dec 4 Dec – Zizi Moneer, a postdoctoral fellow from the American University in Cairo and visiting scholar at Uppsala University, “It is not all about economic growth”: Epistemology of the South and environmental movements in Egypt, Morocco and Algeria
18 Dec Study trip

Past activities

During the years Cefo have developed and coordinated a variety of Interdisciplinary Courses and joint publications, and Alumni Forum members remain important as mentors and academic support.


Politicized Nature: Introduction’ in Politicized Nature. Global Exchange, Resources and Power. Friman, E. and Gallardo F., G. L., eds. 2010.Uppsala: Cefo Publication Series  2. Uppsala: Centrum för miljö- och utvecklingsstudier, Uppsala Universitet.

Ekokritik: Naturen i litteraturen – en antologi. Schulz, S.L. ed., 2007. Uppsala: Cefo Publication series 1.  Uppsala: Centrum för miljö- och utvecklingsstudier, Uppsala Universitet.

From Seascapes of Extinction to Seascapes of Confidence: Territorial Use Rights in Fisheries in Chile: El Quisco and Puerto Oscuro. Gallardo Fernández, G. 2008.Stockholm: Co-Action Publishing.

The Cefo Interdisciplinary Working Paper Series (now discontintinued)

See also related Sustainability research publications

Be at the forefront of new inter- and transdisciplinary methodological and theoretical approaches in Sustainability Research

Participate in building new forms of research practices and ways of collaborating in an enabling peer to peer environment

Build your own inter- and transdisciplinary courses and other activities that can be credit bearing

Enhance your CV by organizing courses and events, participating in skillsworkshops, mentorsprogrammes and through publications