Cemus Research Forum

Today’s challenges require new forms of research and collaborations with fundamental theoretical and methodological challenges and opportunities.

CEMUS Research Forum is a group of PhD candidates and junior researchers that explores theoretical and methodological approaches in Sustainability Research. The Forum provides a unique opportunity for inter- and transdisciplinary inquiries crosscutting single disciplines, subject fields or themes.

The Forum is a collaborative, selforganising group. Activities include a seminarseries, coordination of cross faculty/university PhD courses, a mentorsprogramme, skillsworkshops and joint publications.

Want to become an affiliated student or join the e-mail list? e-mail anneli.ekblom@cemus.uu.se

Formal affiliation is open to Uppsala University PhD and Masterstudents but we also affiliate members from other universities (commonly SLU). Forum Members suggest and run activities.

CEMUS Research Forum was initiated by PhD-students, staff and students at CEMUS in 2002 as a research school between Uppsala University and Swedish Agricultural University (SLU). Though Cemus remains a vital and enabling collaborating partner, the Forum is formally housed under the research programme Natural Resoures & Sustainable Development, and the Climate Change Leadership unit.

Activities Autumn 2018

9 Oct Still open
23 Oct Still open
6 Nov Workshop, subject to be decided
20 Nov Special Event, subject and guest tbd
4 Dec Still open
18 Dec Study trip
15 Jan Someone’s Thesis seminar
29 Jan 8-16 New workshop.

Past activities

During the years Cefo have developed and coordinated a variety of Interdisciplinary Courses and joint publications, and Alumni Forum members remain important as mentors and academic support.


Politicized Nature: Introduction’ in Politicized Nature. Global Exchange, Resources and Power. Friman, E. and Gallardo F., G. L., eds. 2010.Uppsala: Cefo Publication Series  2. Uppsala: Centrum för miljö- och utvecklingsstudier, Uppsala Universitet.

Ekokritik: Naturen i litteraturen – en antologi. Schulz, S.L. ed., 2007. Uppsala: Cefo Publication series 1.  Uppsala: Centrum för miljö- och utvecklingsstudier, Uppsala Universitet.

From Seascapes of Extinction to Seascapes of Confidence: Territorial Use Rights in Fisheries in Chile: El Quisco and Puerto Oscuro. Gallardo Fernández, G. 2008.Stockholm: Co-Action Publishing.

The Cefo Interdisciplinary Working Paper Series (now discontintinued)

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Be at the forefront of new inter- and transdisciplinary methodological and theoretical approaches in Sustainability Research

Participate in building new forms of research practices and ways of collaborating in an enabling peer to peer environment

Build your own inter- and transdisciplinary courses and other activities that can be credit bearing

Enhance your CV by organizing courses and events, participating in skillsworkshops, mentorsprogrammes and through publications