How can students get involved with CCL and Carbon Budgets?

Project ideas for master students

Climate Change Leadership is a growing node that addresses some of the most challenging questions that climate change poses to humanity. It aims to develop novel solutions and enable transformative change in the nexus of science, policy, and innovation. We are interested in connecting with master students that want to write their master thesis on a topic connected to these issues. We can assist you in finding a relevant supervisor that may have further ideas for possible projects for master students. Below you can see ideas for some possible projects. Get in touch with us and we can discuss it further. You can read more about our research here

Carbon Budgets 

Based on the work of the former CCL professor, Kevin Anderson, carbon budgets are a tool/ or method/ or model for policy makers and society at large to understand the kinds of emissions reductions required to meet the Paris Agreement. The CCL node is working on tailored municipal- and region-level carbon budget reports as a growing number of Swedish municipalities and regional governments are currently working with this tool. This process is new and challenging for those working with it and it is an arena relevant for master student internships and theses in a number of ways. As a student, you have the opportunity to engage from a number of angles.  

If you would be interested in directly working with municipalities and regional governments, the following bodies are seeking collaboration on the following research questions: 

  •  Information coming

If you would be interested in developing the framework for carbon budgets and working directly with questions raised by the CCL node, the following questions have been posed: 

  • How can the university engage with stakeholders during the development of a carbon budget framework for emissions reduction?
  • How can the Swedish carbon budget be negotiated by municipalities and län?
  • How can municipal carbon budgets be visualised for the swedish voter?
  • What are equitable ways for implementing carbon budgets for emissions reductions in Swedish municipalities?

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