Municipalities and Counties visit Climate Change Leadership

Researchers from the Climate Change Leadership node have been developing Carbon Budget reports for municipalities and counties across Sweden as a scientific underpinning to their climate and energy strategies. Last Thursday, several representatives from participating municipalities and counties joined our researchers, Aaron and Martin, for a participatory session on carbon budget development.

The goals for the workshop were:

  • To become acquainted with the preliminary results for each municipality and county
  • To engage with and critically reflect on different ways of allocating the national budget to Sweden’s municipalities and counties
  • Discuss how the report can be used in local climate work
  • Discuss and influence the content and outline of the final report
  • Explore thoughts and experiences of other participating organisations

The purpose of this workshop was to explore plurality in carbon budget development, to ensure that stakeholder perspectives were reflected on and could be included within the final reports. The experiences, as expressed by participating municipalities and counties both in the room and through skype, were of excitement and positivity. We hope that this workshop will act as the first of many inclusive discussions for actors who wish to develop carbon budgets.

Participants from municipalities across Sweden with Martin in Uppsala